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  学术报告会通知: Low-cost smart antennas for advanced wireless systems  


题  目:  Low-cost smart antennas for advanced wireless systems

报告人: Professor Steven Gao, (University of Kent, IEEE APS Distinguished Lecturer)

时  间: 20140408日(周二)上午930-1100

地  点: 江宁开发区,秣周东路9号,无线谷A33412会议室

主  办: 东南大学毫米波国家重点实验室

         IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



Smart antenna is a key technology for mobile communications, satellite communications, radar and sensors as it can enable the wireless systems to achieve the optimum performance by electronically steering its maximum radiation towards the desired directions while forming nulls against interfering sources. Traditional smart antennas are, however, complicated instructure, bulky, power hungry and costly. For commercial applications, it is important to reduce the size, mass, power consumption and cost of smart antennas. Firstly, this IEEE DL talk will present an introduction to smart antennas, followed by a brief review of various types of low-cost smart antennas. Then, several recent examples of low-cost smart antennas will be presented and discussed. These antennas are capable of achieving electronic beam steering within a wide angular range, while having compact sizes, low power consumption and low cost. A conclusion will be given in the end and discussions.


高式昌, , 工学博士,安徽人。英国肯特大学 教授、微波技术学科带头人(Professor and Chair of RF and Microwave Engineering)。主要研究领域包括:天线技术(智能天线,卫星天线,相控阵, 宽带和多频段天线,天线阵,天线小型化),微波、毫米波电路(微波功率放大器、滤波器),射频系统,卫星移动通信, 星载合成孔径雷达等。

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