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演讲人:  Profs. Igor Minin and Oleg Minin

       Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk, Russia

题目:   3D MMW Imaging and security application

时间:    2008年9月29日() 上午9:00

地点:    东南大学李文正楼北612


主办:    东南大学毫米波国家重点实验室

IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



摘要The possible danger posed by the presence of concealed weapons is felt in many areas of our society. We are now confronted with the need to search individuals for concealed weapons to ensure public safety. Traditional searches for concealed weapons are limited by many factors.

Active millimeter waves sensors, combined with advanced imaging software, are ideally suited to the task of concealed weapons detection. Able to "see through" most clothing materials, such sensors also provide shape and location information to aid in determining whether a detected item poses a threat.

We brings together decades of experience since 1982 in developing state-of-the-art millimeter wave sensors and advanced imaging software applications to provide the next generation of concealed weapons detection systems.

In the present lecture the principles of operations of direct quasioptical active mm-wave (75 GHz and 140 GHz) 3D different real time systems and holographic system are discussed.

The comparison of a wideband and “isotropic” mm-wave imaging system which allow to received a radioimages with quality equal to optical will be discussed.

The different methods for increasing of radioimages quality of concealed 3D objects (destroy of a mirror spots, interferometric noise, etc) are discussed.

The example of real experimental devices for terrorism struggle operating in real time regime and ensuring survey of 3D scenes (up to 600x600x1500 mm) with spatial resolution equal to diffraction limits and real mm-wave images of a weapons  are described and discussed.

The examples of mm-wave radioimages of  different objects (gun, handgun, sphere, flat objects, etc) as in free space as clothing by materials on the man body are shown.
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