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  学术报告会通知: Enabling Ambient Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting for Future Internet of Things and Smart Environment  


题    目:  Enabling Ambient Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting for Future Internet of Things and  Smart Environment

报告 人:  Ke Wu, FIEEE, FCAE, FRSC

单    位: 

2016 President of IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S)

School of Information Science and Engineering, Southeast University

NSERC-Huawei Industrial Research Chair in Future Wireless Technologies

Poly-Grames Research Center, Department of Electrical Engineering

Ecole Polytechnique (University of Montreal)

时   间: 2017年2月24日(周五)上午10:00-11:30

地   点: 江宁开发区,秣周东路9号,无线谷A3楼3412会议室

主   办: 东南大学毫米波国家重点实验室

         IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



The roadmap evolution and historical milestones of electromagnetic energy conversion and recycling techniques and related breakthroughs are reviewed with emphasis on low-density energy harvesting technologies for IoT systems. Ambient radiofrequency (RF) energy sources are examined in connection with omnipresent wireless system deployment. The effective use and recycling of such an ambient electromagnetic energy are the most relevant and critical issue for the current and future practicability of wireless energy harvesting in support of IoT sensing hardware. In this talk, a set of performance criteria and development considerations, required to meet the IoT needs for ambient energy harvesting is derived. A technological outlook of the performances that can be expected from different device technologies is assessed. Promising devices and emerging solutions in the development of ambient energy harvesters are also presented and discussed with a special highlight of our proposed disruptive schemes, which include hybrid energy harvesting approaches and cooperative system design platforms.   


Dr. Ke Wu is Professor of Electrical Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique (University of Montreal) and Chang-Jiang Chair Professor at Southeast University. He is also the NSERC-Huawei Industrial Research Chair in Future Wireless Technologies (the first Huawei endowed Chair in the world). He has been the Director of Poly-Grames Research Center. He was the Canada Research Chair (2002-2016) in RF and millimeter-wave engineering and the Founding Director (2008-2014) of the Center for Radiofrequency Electronics Research of Quebec. He has authored/co-authored more than 1100 referred papers and a number of books/book chapters and more than 40 patents. Dr. Wu was the general chair of the 2012 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium. He is the 2016 President of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S). He serves as the inaugural North-American representative in the General Assembly of the European Microwave Association (EuMA). He was the recipient of many awards and prizes including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the 2014 IEEE MTT-S Microwave Application Award, the 2014 Marie-Victorin Prize (Prix du Québec – the highest distinction of Québec in the Natural Sciences and Engineering). He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He was an IEEE MTT-S Distinguished Microwave Lecturer.

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