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  学术报告:Silicon as an Emerging Technology for mmWave and 5G Circuits and System Solution  

Silicon as an Emerging Technology for mmWave and 5G Circuits and System Solution

人:  Paul Colestock-Senior Director, RF Pathfinding - Globalfoundries

 :  622日(周 四)下午2:00~4:00

  点:  江宁开秣周9线 A3号楼 3412


         IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



Every major electronic product innovation or improvement in capability is ushered in on a foundation of other technological innovations many of which have been percolating over several years.  5G/mmWave network capabilities and its benefits are no exception.   Given the past expense of millimeter and microwave technologies and products many improvements in semiconductor technology, manufacturing and design are needed to reach the economy of scale needed for 5G and mmWave adoption.  This talk will elaborate on the improvements and impact that ‘silicon’ like FD-SOI will have as an emerging and disruptive technology for millimeter and microwave design and systems for 5G.


Bio:  Paul Colestock is the founder and currently head of the Exploratory Design Group at GLOBALFOUNDRIES focused on pathfinding approaches to digital, analog, RF and millimeter wave IC design in their respective leading edge technologies. He has extensive semiconductor related experience with over 25 years of semiconductor product design, verification, manufacturing, management and marketing. He has held leadership positions across the semiconductor ecosystem including GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Agilent Technologies, Cadence Design Systems, Jazz Semiconductor, Silvaco International and semiconductor startups Hesson Labs and Napali Technologies.  Mr. Colestock also serves as an adviser for Silicon Catalyst, an early stage hardware incubator in Silicon Valley.  Mr. Colestock received a BS/MSEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida and a PhD candidate at the University of Texas Austin.


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