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题目:  The Development and Future Directions of Maxwellian Circuits

报告人:K. K. Mei教授, UC Berkeley
时间:  5月4日(周一)下午300-400
地点:  东南大学李文正楼6楼大会议室

主办单位: IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter

             东南大学 毫米波国家重点实验室



Abstract:  Integral equations of Maxwell’s equations are derived from differential equations.  In Maxwell’s differential equations, the unknowns are electric and magnetic fields.  The current densities, the driving forces, are supposed to be known.   In the integral equations, the current densities become the unknowns, and the driving forces are the incident tangential electric fields.  The integral equations and differential equations of Maxwell’s equations are different equations in different spaces.  The theory of Maxwellian circuits is to covert the integral equations of the current densities to the differential equations of the current densities.   An idea which appeared in the mind of the speaker when he was a graduate student, was thought to be impossible.   The old idea was picked up again forty years later, and proved to be valid and robust.   The theory had a humble beginning with the differential equations of dipole antennas, and the differential equations are obtained from the MoM solutions of the antennas.

It is now extended to scattering problems and the differential equations are obtained without MoM solutions.  It is potentially a computational method to solve complex circuits at high frequencies, in addition to providing insights to circuit and system engineers.  The thought process behind the realization of the theory of. Maxwellian circuits , and the difficulties it encountered in its development are presented. 

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