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演讲人:  Dr. Shadrivov

(Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)

题目:    Nonlinear Properties of Metamaterials

时间:    200842()下午2:00~4:00

地点:    东南大学李文正楼614北会议室

主办:    东南大学毫米波重点实验室

IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter




We present an overview of different types of nonlinear effects in microstructured metamaterials which exhibit left-handed properties and negative refraction. We show that magnetic nonlinear response in such microstructured composites can be enhanced significantly compared to bulk media, since the local electric fields in metallic microresonators may become extremely strong. We predict that engineering nonlinear properties of metamaterials may allow for various applications, including a dynamic control and tunability of the electromagnetic properties of the composite structures, second-harmonic generation, intensity-dependent switches, and even soliton generation. We present our results on the experimental observation of nonlinear effects in arrays of tunable split-ring resonators for microwaves and discuss possible ways for the future developments of nonlinear tunable metamaterials.


Ilya Shadrivov was born in Dzerzhinsk, Russia. He received his MSc degree in Radiophysics from Nizhny Novgorod State University (Russia) in 2000, and PhD degree in Physics from the Australian National University in 2005. His areas of interest include spatial optical solitons, metamaterials, transformation optics. During his MSc studies he was theoretically studying interaction of spatial optical solitons in quadratically and cubically nonlinear media. He started his PhD studies in 2002, and focused on the fundamental electromagnetic properties of metamaterials. His results include first systematic study of nonlinear properties of metamaterials, and various nonlinear effects associated with nonlinear left-handed materials. Later, his activities extended to the studies related to transform optics, as well as to the experimental studies of nonlinear metamaterial structures.

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