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  :  Low Power 60GHz Transceiver and On-Chip Antenna in CMOS

报告人: 林福江 博士 (IEEE Senior Member)

新加坡科技局微电子研究院 资深科学家     

  间:  2009年12月28日(周一)上午10:30-12:00

  点:  东南大学(四牌楼校区) 李文正楼 六楼 614会议室

主办单位: 东南大学 毫米波国家重点实验室

                 IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



内容提要: Millimeter wave (30-300GHz) CMOS is around the corner with the advance of modern technology. Unlicensed IEEE 802.15.3C band (57–64 GHz) offers possibility of high-data rate communications in both high-definition video streaming and fast links of quick huge data down load. In this talk, speaker will share his latest 60GHz chipset development results. Low power TRx has special challenges. Different architectures with power estimation can be calculated from real PDK.

Building on an efficient active and passive device modeling strategy, a 60 GHz OOK transceiver system including on-chip antenna in 90nm CMOS is designed. The key features of the circuits are small power consumption and size. With the modulator connected to an innovative artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) on-chip antenna, free space transmission at 2Gb/s is demonstrated. Also, an on-chip psuedo-link demonstrates 1Gb/s transmission, using only 26 pJ/bit for the modulator and 6 pJ/bit for the demodulator. The receiver consists of on-chip antenna, LNA with 20dB gain & 5.7dB noise figure, detector and limiting amplifier. Recovery of a 1.5Gb/s NRZ signal is demonstrated.


报告人简历: 1982、1984获中国科技大学的学士、硕士学位,1993获德国凯瑟尔大学博士学位。1995加入新加坡微电子研究所(IME)从事射频集成电路建模。1999加入HP EEsof, 担任新加坡微电子建模中心的技术主任。2001参予筹建并主持Transilica新加坡研发中心,从事蓝牙和无线系统芯片(SoC)的研制。该中心于2002关闭后转入特许半导体制造公司担任SPICE建模部门的主任。2003起返回IME任资深科学家,负责前沿性研究项目的立题和启动。目前的研究方向主要是毫米波段CMOS系统芯片的研发,包括:(1)3.1-10.6GHz 超宽频带收发前端的CMOS集成技术;(2)90纳米CMOS器件的建模技术;(3)57-64GHz WPAN 的CMOS集成技术。迄今已发表90余篇论文、持有4项专利。

       林博士现受聘新加坡国立大学的兼职教授、指导研究生。曾担任1995 IEEE MTT/AP Joint Singapore Chapter 主席、多次国际会议的学术委员;曾荣获EDN亚洲杂志的1998创新奖。现任MTT-S 的RFIC 专委会成员。


DID: +65 67705495  H/P: +65 97869762

Institute of Microelectronics (IME), Singapore,



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