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题    目 :  The System Design and Simulation of  High Speed Broadband Network

报 告 人 Dr. Biao Shen (Real Communications, Inc., California.)

时  间 20121022(周一)10:00~11:30

地  点江宁开发区,秣周东路9号,无线谷3号楼3412会议室

主  办 东南大学毫米波国家重点实验室

      IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



Recent development in IPTV and cloud applications are driving towards very high speed network (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line) and ultra-broadband network over existing copper phone line. VDSL2 can deliver 100Mpbs symmetrical traffic, even more than 200Mpbs with vectoring and bonding technology on short loops. It’s very important to deal with different noises and crosstalk on lines when developing of next generation high speed network for higher broadband throughput. Moreover, accurate simulation models are critical for success of both chipset design and high speed broadband system performance. In this speech, very high speed digital subscriber system architectures ,system simulation models for accurate performance of high speed  broadband using pure Matlab would be addressed and market trend for high speed network will be reviewed as well.


Dr. Biao Shen received the BS and MS degree in electrical engineering from Jilin University, Changchu, China, in 1984 and 1987, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in information engineering  from Central South University in 1992. From 1992 to 1994, he was postdoctoral in State Key Laboratory of Millimeter waves, Southeast University. He was a visiting researcher in UC Berkeley in 1994. From 1997 to 2002, he was involved in the development of high speed telecommunication network in Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and ITeX, California, USA. Since 2003, he has been in Real Communications, where he has been focusing on telecommunication system architecture, system hardware design and simulation of VDSL2 and ultra-broadband network. He is currently a senior system hardware manager in Real Communications, Inc., California.
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