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题  目 :  Exploring nanophotonics to tailor the laws of physics

报告人:  Prof. Marin Soljačić, MIT

时  间  20130524日(周五)14:30~15:40

地  点:  东南大学四牌楼校区,李文正楼李文正楼614

主  办 东南大学毫米波国家重点实验室

         IEEE AP-MTT-EMC Joint Nanjing Chapter



By nano-structuring materials at length scales smaller than the wavelength of light, one can create effective materials, exhibiting optical properties unparalleled in any naturally occurring materials. The power of this approach is illustrated with two particularly important examples. Firstly, it is shown that the control over the density of photonic states via such effective materials provides a control over black body emission, which can now be tailored almost at-will. It is also shown that such materials offer unprecedented opportunities for tailoring the near-field. In the photonic near-field, thermal transfer can be orders of magnitude stronger at a given temperature than the black-body thermal transfer. And since over 90% of all primary energy sources are converted into electrical and mechanical energy via thermal processes, exciting energy-related applications could be enabled. Secondly, by exploring time-reversal symmetry breaking in non-trivial topological states, it is shown that one can create a very unusual optical phenomenon: photonic edge states that propagate in only one direction. This phenomenon is closely related to quantum-Hall edge states, and is in marked contrast to the conventional behavior of light, whose propagation is always bi-directional. This effect is directly implemented to create one-way waveguides, in which backscattering (and hence Anderson localization) cannot exist. In such peculiar waveguides, light is immune to disorder and can even travel right around large obstacles without any loss in energy.


 Marin Soljačić received a BsE degree in physics and a BsE degree in electrical engineering from MIT in 1996. He earned his PhD in physics at Princeton University in 2000. In September 2000, he was named an MIT Pappalardo Fellow in Physics, and in 2003 was appointed as a Principal Research Scientist in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT. In September 2005, he became an Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT, in July 2010 an Associate Professor of Physics at MIT, and in July 2011 a Full Professor of Physics. His main research interests are in electromagnetic phenomena, focusing on nanophotonics, non-linear optics, and wireless power transfer. He is a co-author of 126 scientific articles and 31 issued US patents, and he has been invited to give more than 100 invited talks at conferences and universities around the world. He is the recipient of the Adolph Lomb medal from the Optical Society of America (2005), and the TR35 award of the Technology Review magazine (2006). In 2008, he was awarded a MacArthur fellowship grant. He is a correspondent member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering since 2009. In 2011 he became a Young Global Leader (YGL) of the World Economic Forum.

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